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Applied Graphite Technologies (AGT) is determined to revive the graphite mining industry in Sri Lanka and become a significant contributor to the energy revolution currently underway. The world's highest quality vein graphite is exclusively sourced from Sri Lanka. Our mission is to uncover and harness the untapped potential of AGT’s Queens Mine Complex and its high-grade vein graphite deposits. With one of the most experienced teams in the industry, AGT is committed to innovation, sustainability, and responsible mining practices. We aim to be at the forefront of supplying high-quality vein graphite to meet the enormous growth demands of the lithium Ion Battery industry worldwide with an enviable ESG standard.

 The World's Highest-Grade Graphite Vein Deposits in Sri Lanka

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Queens Mine Complex

The Queens mine originally opened in the early 1900s by the British, however when the British colonial period ended in 1948 the mine was abandoned. The mountain in which the Queen’s Mine is situated in is also referred to as ‘the graphite mountain’. Graphite veins run in an East-West direction and the lower in depths the thicker the graphite vein becomes. Veins can measure many meters in thickness and ‘pockets’ of graphite can be as large as detached houses – the miners call these pockets ‘Mine-rang-Aliya’ which means ‘Graphite Elephant’. The mine was recently operated by RS Queens Mine, and significant geophysics and drilling was undertaken to guide the underground mine development. RS reported graphite extraction from developed stopes

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